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Evoqua’s Memcor® and Mempulse® at core of Europe’s largest MBR

Evoqua’s Memcor® and Mempulse® at core of Europe’s largest MBR

The beaches of the Adriatic Sea, along the coast of Italy on the famous “Riviera Romagnola”, are among the most beautiful in the world. Keeping them that way is a key goal of the regional government in Rimini, Italy. Rimini is the heart of a region that is historic, scenic and fragile.

Densely populated to begin with, the area receives a huge population influx every tourist season that puts a strain on the region’s aging water resources. Rimini needed to expand its Santa Giustina wastewater treatment plant from serving 220,000 people to a maximum of 560,000, absorbing and demolishing two existing treatment plants in the area. The overall goal – eliminate discharges to the Adriatic Sea by 2020 and preserve the beauty of this legendary seacoast region.

The new Rimini wastewater treatment facility is a benchmark for the world in terms of operational efficiency and effectiveness. The facility utilizes Evoqua Water Technologies’ Memcor® Mempulse® MBR. Mempulse is a sub-brand within the Memcor family.

The resulting solution is one of the largest MBR wastewater treatment facilities in Europe. The new expanded MBR has an average daily flow that varies from approximately 55 million liters to more than 76 million liters. The target of the MBR is to achieve an effluent with a quality higher than the stricter Italian legislation for reuse. Membranes are installed in tanks fed by gravity that can switch on/off according to need in order to ensure maximum flexibility.

In total, the membrane filtration area is approximately 150,000 square meters and includes nearly 4,000 Memcor MBR modules. Because the Mempulse MBR system eliminates the need for secondary clarifiers and tertiary treatment, it results in superior effluent quality in a smaller footprint.

With the system in full operation, the plant is meeting or exceeding all of the strict requirements for discharge into surface water. The effluent is fully compliant with reuse requirements and energy consumption is below industry benchmarks.

Most importantly, because of the compact footprint of the MemPulse MBR technology, Rimini was able to complete the upgrade without acquiring and developing new real estate, preserving the beauty and heritage of the land as well as the sea in this special part of the world. As a result, the region is well on its way to achieving its goal to completely eliminate discharges to the sea by 2020.


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