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Design, Build and Finance Kansas City International Airport (Part II)

Design, Build and Finance Kansas City International Airport (Part II)

KCI Hometown Team (Burns and McDonnell) has provided a sensitivity analysis of Airline commitment levels for potential construction costs which range between $750 million and $1,050 million.

Using above referenced costs of financing and projected equity returns, the Proposer estimates that the current annual Airline commitment would be between $58 million and $88 million, using a range of possible interest rate scenarios.

Until the scope of work is clearly defined between the City, the Airlines and the Proposer, and architectural drawings of the defined scope of work are updated, no party, and no one at the City or Airline is in a position to credibly fine tune the actual cost of construction in 2015 dollars and therefore more clearly define the amount, if any, different from the $85.2 million of available stabilized debt service as defined in the City Airport Model. .

See KCI Hometown Team (Burns and McDonnell) financial proposal document: Financial-Approach


KCI Partnership (AECOM) submits the Financial Proposal to Design, Build and Finance a new airport terminal and parking garage at Kansas City International Airport.

The core members of KCI Partnership lead the nation in designing, building and financing airport projects:
+ AECOM is the #1 aviation firm in North America per Engineering News-Record rankings.
+ AECOM Hunt & Turner Construction combined are the #1 airport contractors in North America based on combined U.S. revenues per Engineering News-Record rankings. Since 2001 we have completed or are currently completing construction at 44 of the top 50 airports in North America.
+ Oaktree, AECOM Capital, and Citigroup collectively have financed billions of dollars of US infrastructure projects – including airports. Oaktree is the only firm to complete the privatization of a medium-hub U.S. airport. AECOM Capital has invested more than $200 million in 17 projects with an enterprise value of $4.5 billion. Citigroup is the #1 airport debt underwriter in North America.

The delivery of a fully compliant Terminal Concept NT-A, for a total annual payment of $69.8 million, including debt service and required equity return, fixed over the 30-year term. This compares very favorably, to the RFQ/P Maximum Annual Payment of $85.2 million, representing savings of $15.4 million per year, or 18.1%. This results in savings for the City/Airport that total $462 million over the 30-year term.

See KCI Partnership (AECOM) financial proposal document: kcipartnership

Article originally published by Kansas City Star

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