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Desalitech ReFlex™ RO-CCD™

Desalitech ReFlex™ RO-CCD™

ReFlex Reverse Osmosis, High Efficiency Water Treatment – from Desalitech

Desalitech provides high efficiency water treatment for industrial, agricultural, wastewater reuse and concentration applications. ReFlex Reverse Osmosis products, featuring patented CCD™ technology – provide maximum recovery – guaranteed. ReFlex products typically reduce waste by 50 to 75 percent and energy consumption by up to 35 percent, saving significant operating costs.

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Featuring Desalitech’s patented Closed Circuit Desalination (CCD™) technology, ReFlex Reverse Osmosis products are ideal for extracting purified water from industrial, brackish and wastewater sources. They use only standard off-the-shelf reverse osmosis membranes and components, configured in a smart new way that gives the operator direct control of recovery rate, cross flow and flux.

Flexible operation and resistance to scaling and fouling greatly improve the reliability of ReFlex Reverse Osmosis systems.

Operators can easily and automatically cope with variations in feed water and operational requirements, optimize process performance and minimize costs on a day-to-day basis. In the future, this flexibility can be used to maximize the performance of improved membranes or water pre-treatment. By choosing a ReFlex solution now, countless future concerns and compromises can be avoided.


Standard Features

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• Maximum Recovery – Guaranteed
• Patented high recovery, low fouling/scaling, low energy performance
• Adjustable recovery – up to 98%
• Automatic response to feed variations
• Premium brackish water RO membranes
• Programmable logic controller with remote
monitoring and control functionality
• Chemical dosing systems
• NSF-certified components

Optional Features

• Ultra-filtration or multi-media filtration
• Clean-in-Place (CIP) and flushing systems
• Mixed-bed permeate polishing
• Transfer pumps, storage tanks

Operating Parameters

• Adjustable Recovery: 75-98%Desalitech 06
• Rejection: 95.0-99.5%
• Adjustable Flux: 6-25 gfd (10-42 lmh)
• Feed TDS 0-10,000 mg/L
• Temperature: 36-113F (2-45C)
• Max Pressure: 450 psi (31 bar)
• Inlet Pressure: 10-60 psi (0.8-4.0 bar)

Materials of Construction

• High-pressure piping – 316SS Sch.10
• Low-pressure piping – PVC Sch.80
• Frame – Epoxy painted carbon steel
• Enclosure – Nema 4
• Clamps/Braces – Galvanized steel
• Membrane Elements – TFCDesalitech 05

Membrane Options

• 440 ft2 (std), 400 ft2 or 365 ft2
• 28 mil feed spacer (std) or 34 mil
• Low energy or high rejection
• Housings FRP, 316SS ports

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