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Berghof Membrane Technology, part of the family-owned Berghof Group, is one of the leading manufacturers of tubular membrane products, all made in Germany.

The membranes are manufactured in fully automated high-tech production lines, which enables Berghof to offer high quality and competitive products.

With experience developed over 40 years, Berghof is a specialist in filtration and separation of municipal and industrial applications. Safe operation, robustness, flexibility, energy-saving, sustainability and high-quality water are the design standards for Berghof products and filtration concepts.


Membrane Systems


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Membrane Products

More than four decades of experience have made Berghof the expert in manufacturing tubular membranes. We manufacture high quality, asymmetrical, organic UF tubular membranes made from PES and PVDF onto single and dual layer supports. We manufacture our tubular membranes in a variety of membrane tube diameters and cut-offs from high quality polymers for filtration tasks. On request we are able to produce other membrane configurations. Berghof  tubular membranes are reliable in operation at favorable operating costs.

Low Solids Membranes







a) Low Solids Membranes
b) High Solids Membranes
c) Chemical Resistance Membranes