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High Solids Membranes

High Solids Membranes

The neutralization, reclycing and reuse of wastewater that contains a high amount of solids can be a real challenge. Although controversial wastewater treatment systems can achieve the required degree of filtration, the prohibitive costs are a major downfall. This due to the need for frequent filter changes and energy consumption for building up pressure.

Advanced, innovative solutions from Berghof Membranes do not require a high velocity to acquire the desired quality of permeate. This means that our wastewater systems require less pressure and related energy costs to obtain good quality permeate.

Due to the 8mm section high strength wastewater is degraded without susceptibility to fouling. Therefore the 8mm high solids UF membranes of Berghof are the best choice for MBR applications and high strenght wastewaters.


Traditional wastewater treatment systems fully rely on CIP cleaning with a relative large quantity of chemicals. Besides the fact that this is an expensive matter, operations and production must be fully stopped. Backwashable membranes, in combination with the successful Biopulse membrane system, allows the wastewater system to operate at a lower velocity. As result less energy is consumed. During the backwash, in which clean water is pushed outside-in, fouling is removed from the membranes module by module. The system will not stop operating if fouling occurs, production can continue. If normal backwash with permeate doesn’t eliminate fouling, the intelligent software will detect this and will automaticly switch to a chemical enhanced backwash, in which very targeted cleaning with a relative low dosage of chemicals will be activated.

Non Back-washable

For normal cross-flow applications in which high strength wastewater is pushed through the membranes with a high velocity by pressure our solid non-backwashable membranes are the best choice. Durability and the fact that our membranes are less susceptible to fouling ensure a long membrane life with optimal wastewater treatment.


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