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Easy LogBook

Easy LogBook

Easy Logbook – Information Management System

…manage all your plant data, generate reports and compliance documents online…with a click of a button.

Water Technologies Canada’s Easy Logbook Information Management System (E-IMS) software helps our clients see the complete picture of their plant operation, so they can save resources and make operational decisions with confidence.

Our advanced and flexible data management software provides: data collection, streamline reporting, user-defined alerts, and powerful charting, graphing and mapping tools.

E-WIMS is ideal for managing and reporting data to the federal, provincial, and other regulatory agencies.

Secure Databases– data is automatically (or manually) stored into a central, secure database for easy monitoring, analysis, reporting and predictive modeling. Our clients can access data locally or via a secured web interface, ensuring audit trails and historical records are safe and available for easy viewing.

Built-in Equations to manage complex calculations – our Easy Logbook information management system contains dozens of industry-specific formulas and verification engines to quickly and accurately perform complex calculations. Such built-in equations help provide consistent results based on the latest government or provincial regulations. You can trust that your data is accurate and reliable.

Troubleshooting Tools to ensure the data is verified and reliable – intelligent alerts and modeling tools help resolve, predict and prevent costly mistakes. Our E-IMS data management software will flag problems so you know exactly where they occurred. Data and information is automatically verified and compared. Modeling tools allow you to develop “what-if” scenarios and perform search queries on your data.

Regulatory and Internal Report Templates – pre-programmed federal and provincial report templates create business and regulatory reports instantly. The data management software enables our clients to receive automatically scheduled reports on-screen, printed, or delivered to their email.

Dashboards and Features – personalized dashboards let our clients monitor key data, immediately showing the information they need to know. This allows quick access to reports, graphs, entry forms and provides shortcuts to other parts of the software.

Easy Logbook™ – makes your job easier!

  • By maintaining logs, tracking tasks, managing data, sharing ideas between employees, and generating reports
  • By providing an internet-based environmental, health and safety documentation and compliance software
  • By providing solutions to your unique requirements
  • By providing all the tools you need in one powerful, flexible platform

Industries we serve:

  • Water and Waste-water treatment
  • Food & Beverages
  • Fuel & Chemicals – oil & gas, petrochemicals, refineries
  • Power Generation
  • Life Sciences – bio-pharmaceuticals, medical, laboratory
  • Micro-electronics
  • Aerospace, Defense, Marine

Wastewater Management
Industrial Hygiene
Greenhouse Sustainability

Wastewater Management

Manage water and wastewater data requirements with constant monitoring, inspection, and reporting.  Easy Logbook™ enables data input, collection, storage and retrieval, allowing you to view and report data for all your permits and programs.

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Industrial Hygiene

Can you readily access the required data and information to demonstrate compliance? The Easy Logbook™ system gives you the tools to effectively and efficiently manage health & safety compliance to help you save time and resources, while reducing workers’ compensation and insurance costs. Reduce the risk and cost of incidents, fines, and missed deadlines.

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Greenhouse Sustainability

Health & Food Safety/Lab data – users’ communications (forums and CAPA) including anonymous employee comments/feedback as time-stamped threads – maintenance management data – crop and pesticide application data – sustainability and all energy consumption data – plant processes and equipment instructions, drawings, manuals, instantly retrievable.

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Easy Logbook™ – Dashboard!

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