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Real Tech

Real Tech

Real Tech’s comprehensive product portfolio provides customized solutions for each client’s unique water quality monitoring needs.
UV254 Online Analyzer

Bypass style design for continuous real-time UV254 and UVT organics analysis.

UV254 Probe Analyzer

Submersible probe design, ideal for continuous real-time UV254 and UVT wastewater organics analysis.

UV254 Portable Meter

Portable meter ideal for quick and simple UV254 or UVT testing in the lab or field.

Real UV BOD/COD Sensor

Real Tech’s UV BOD/COD sensors offer the most practical and accurate method for monitoring BOD and COD in real-time. The results are instant, meaning data can be used to make immediate adjustments and improve upstream or downstream processes. Real-time data can also be used for assurance of effluent water quality prior to discharging to the environment or municipal sewer system. The robust sensor designs and optional automatic chemical cleaning system keep maintenance to a minimum while improving performance.

Real Nitrate Sensor

Monitoring nitrates in real-time for drinking water and wastewater is straight forward and affordable with Real Tech’s nitrate sensors. Using the UV absorption measurement principle, precise, accurate and reliable data can be obtained without the use of reagents or complex sample preparation. This simple and effective method saves time and labour, providing a practical solution for many real-time nitrate monitoring applications.

Real UV TOC Sensor

The UV TOC sensors from Real Tech offer an affordable and accurate solution for real-time TOC monitoring. Unlike tradition TOC analyzers, the UV sensors use no reagents, lowering the cost of ownership and maintenance. The measurement principle is simple, allowing the sensor to operate reliably for an extended period of time without the need for intervention, improving uptime. With various models available, solutions for TOC monitoring can be obtained for wastewater to high purity applications.

Real UV254 Sensor

Real Tech’s UV254 sensors offer an affordable and accurate solution for real-time UV254 or UVT monitoring. Benefiting from Split-Sense Pro and patented Ortho-beam technology, the need for frequent re-calibration is limited lowering maintenance requirements. Several path length options provide solutions for wastewater to high purity applications.

Real Spectrum Sensor

The Spectrum sensors offer the ideal solution for event monitoring or contaminant alarming. Using real-time spectral absorbance data, the sensor establishes a baseline or “norm” for the specific water source. Alarms are set for deviation that occurs from the established/learnt baseline, classified as an uncharacteristic event. Models can be continually enhanced and updated to incorporate factors such as multiple source waters, seasonality, or process changes which will in turn limit the probability of false positives. With various spectrum sensor models and options, a customized solution can be tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.

Multiple Parameter Sensor

Monitoring multiple parameters, such as organics and nitrates, with a single sensor is practical and affordable using Real Tech’s Spectrum sensors. Using multiple wavelength or full scanning analysis, each parameter is monitored using a unique calibration. Additional wavelengths are monitored and used for each calibration to compensate for background inference and overlap, ensuring accurate and precise measurements are obtained for each parameter. Using a single sensor, both capital and annual expenditure is lowered, increasing value.

Smart-Sense Controller

Full control and monitoring of multiple sensors can be achieved with the “plug and play” Smart Sense controller. Featuring a 10” colour LCD touch screen graphic interface, the controller offers superior functionality and configurability while maintaining ease of use and navigation. The controller provides proprietary inputs for multiple Real Tech sensors and accessories with optional 4-20 mA inputs for third party sensor integration. The controller brings all water quality data to a single location, making analysis quick and simple.

Real Controller

The “plug and play” Real Controller provides a simplified version of the Smart Sense Controller. A single Real Tech sensor or multiple sensors and accessories can easily be controlled and configured from one location.

Smart Sense Remote Monitoring

With Real Tech’s new Smart Sense Remote Monitoring platform, clients can access real-time water quality data in minutes from anywhere in the world at any time. Using a secure login in on the Real Tech website, a single sensor or multiple sensor nodes can be monitored using a computer or smart phone.

Automatic Cleaning Systems

From open-channel to pressurized systems, Real Tech offers a line of automatic chemical cleaning systems that meet the demands for any installation. The cleaning frequency is programmable, allowing cleaning cycles to be configured for site specific needs. The automatic cleaning cycles save time and lower maintenance while improving overall operation and accuracy of the instrument.