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Ultrafiltration cross-flow tubular membranes

Ultrafiltration cross-flow tubular membranes

Tubular Cross-flow Membranes and Systems from CUT Membrane Technologies

Meeting waste-water discharge regulations is a deciding factor in implementing a treatment system at your facility. However, we believe that other factors, such as environmental stewardship and financial considerations, are of the utmost importance in today’s rapidly changing global ecosystem. That is why we offer a wide range of tubular membrane filtration systems designed to remove suspended solids, oil and grease, organic matter – effectively and economically.

The PermaFlow™ product portfolio can be customized to fit exact filtration requirements, specific to your industry and feed concentrations. Membrane modules are available in single, eight, or twelve-tube cores, in 3 ft, 6 ft and 12 ft lengths, and can be built to operate in serial or parallel configuration. Multiple membrane chemistries are available for specific applications to ensure optimum performance. These tubular membrane modules have been proven to be trusted solutions in many industries, like oil and gas, power generation, machinery and equipment, automotive, nuclear, chemical, food & beverage, pulp & paper and so on, due to their reliability and effectiveness. Systems can be custom built or pre-engineered in a cost effective, easy to commission, skidded configuration.

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Currently, the following tubular membrane configurations are available:

Learn more about PermaFlow™ by viewing the following case studies.

The following isometric view depicts a recent 10-module PermaFlow™ system built for one of our customers in Ontario, Canada.

Cross-flow 10 module system

Cross-flow UF tubular membrane system