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ELiTeTM Water Purchase Agreement (EWPA)

Peace of mind,  your water treatment becomes our problem
  • Transfer ownership, treatment, and compliance risk to us
  • Cut water and wastewater rates
  • No capital down
  • No operating burdens
  • Save water
  • Cut carbon footprint
  • Hedge against rising water costs

Water Technologies Canada’s membrane water treatment solutions provides customers with clean, affordable water.

Through Water Technologies Canada’s ELiTeTM water purchase agreement (EWPA) model, the solution becomes a pay-as-you-go operation – customers capture the benefits of onsite water treatment with zero capital outlay and no ownership risk.

Under the EWPA, your water treatment becomes our problem: we’ll finance, design, build, and operate the system while saving you precious resources and money. We design, manufacture and deploy our technology at your site. You purchase our services at a discount to your current utility rates with an affordable monthly fee based on usage. We own and operate the system.

Benefits of the EWPA Model

  • No upfront/out of pocket costs; off balance sheet financing
  • Eliminates ownership risk (life cycle of major components and liability of system operations)
  • Water Technologies Canada owns the design-build services to simplify vendor relationships
  • Water Technologies Canada assumes full water management and treatment responsibility and risk
  • Treatment volumes can be quickly scaled based on customer demand
  • Frees up capital that can be deployed in other areas of the customer’s business
  • Customer remains focused on core competencies